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Upcoming Events
HOA Monthly Meeting
Tuesday, March 19th, 6:30PM at Beaumont Farms Apartments Clubhouse
Please join us for our monthly board meeting.
6:30 pm at the Beaumont Farms Apartments Clubhouse (1101 Beaumont Centre Ln).
Neighborhood News
ADA ramp upgrades coming to district 10
Posted on Mar 4th, 2024
Please see the list below from Streets & Roads for federally required ADA ramp upgrades coming to your neighborhood.  This is the list for all of district 10, some streets listed do not fall in Beaumont HOA area.
Malone Drive @ Burns Court – 2 ramps
Malone Drive @ Wilmington Lane – 2 ramps
Wilmington Lane @ Patridge Lane – 2 ramps
Carrington Court @ Patridge Lane – 2 ramps
Partridge Lane @ Lovell Court – 2 ramps
Lovell Court @ Malone Drive – 2 ramps (more extensive and will take longer)
Rollingdale Road @ Malone Drive – 2 ramps
Malone Drive @ Chesapeake Court – 2 ramps
Sebastian Lane @ Malone Drive – 2 ramps
Barnwell Lane @ Malone Drive – 4 ramps
Ridgecane Road @ Malone Drive – 2 ramps
Sallee Drive @ McNair Way – 4 ramps
McNair Way @ McNair Court – 2 ramps
Rollingdale Road @ Ridgecane Road – 2 ramps
Palmbrooke Court @ Ridgecane Road – 2 ramps
Ridgecane Court @ Ridgecane Road – 2 ramps
Sebastian Lane @ Ridgecane Road – 2 ramps
Barnwell Lane @ Sebastian Lane – 2 ramps
Cullman Lane @ Ridgecane Road – 2 ramps
Barnwell Lane @ Cashiers Court – 2 ramps
10th District February Newsletter
Posted on Feb 14th, 2024
10 things from the 10th - February Newsletter

Snow and Ice Updates
Posted on Jan 16th, 2024
Winter weather is here!
With the possibility of hazardous weather, stay on top of snow removal, road conditions, and other updates via lexingtonky.gov/snow-and-ice-updates. The most up to date weather, traffic, and other useful information will be shared here.
Our streets are maintained by the city.  Beaumont Center Circle and Lane are the highest priorities at rank 2.  A few of the main neighborhood roads are rank 3&4 (such as Roswell and Malone).  Most side streets/cul-de-sacs are not plowed.  Check the map in the link for more details.  
For those curious as to how it all comes together, check out this year’s Snow and Ice Control Plan.

Beaumont Residential Association

The Beaumont Residential Association is located in southern Fayette County, Kentucky, just minutes from the center of the award-winning city of Lexington. Our Bluegrass Region is one of America’s best-loved places, home to the finest Thoroughbred and horse farms in the world.

Our homeowner’s association encompasses eleven subdivisions featuring over 1200 homes, town homes, and apartments, connected by scenic asphalt walking trails, parks, and endless stretches of traditional plank fences. The Beaumont Residential Association benefits from the best-rated public schools in the district, as well as excellent amenities like convenient shopping, dining and fitness.

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